About Podcast & Host

The Making of a Thought Leader podcast is designed to encourage entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals to build their thought leadership in a systematic and a simplified way.  In the busy of building a business, entrepreneurs often miss out on connecting with themselves and engaging with their audience. This leads to forgetting about their unique self.  

Podcast host, Surbhi Dedhia will draw from her experience of working with global thought leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs to share nuggets of information that will help you design your thought leadership, systematically. Along the way Surbhi will bring on-board some of the choicest guests who are engaging with their audience and will share inspiring stories from their journeys. She will collaborate with her peers who are experts in their respective niche to share ideas, do's and dont's and a-has!

Surbhi Dedhia is a digital marketer and branding specialist. She is the founder of Digital Genie, a boutique modern marketing company and also the founder of Jot My Bio a done-for-you professional bio writing service.

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Would you like to hear your favourite thought leader on the show? Send in your suggestions to the host at,  Surbhi@DigitalGenie.co